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Big Bacteria, Big Pharma, Big Problems: What You Should Know About Antibiotics

Emilee Shine, Melanie Martin, Ramya Prathuri

Our future in the Cosmos: Living Beyond Earth

Mariel Pette, Ryan Petersburg, Samuel Jordan

This is Your Brain on Gaming: The Realities of the Virtual World 

Alexander Bruch, Helen Beilinson, Kayla Velnoskey

Three Ways to Kill Humanity: The Science of Human Extinction

Daniel MacGuigan, Mac Crite, Michael Grome

Eat, Play, Fun: The Science of a Perfect Weekend 

Justin McDonough, Rosie Aboody, William Thompson


Distortion of Perception: From Brain to Mind to Behavior

Sharif Kronemer, Rosanna Smith, Sarah Hill

The Quantum Factory: Creating Solar Storms, Particles, and Uncertainty 

Jeremy Gaison, Charles Brown, Darryl Seligman

Hacking the Genetic Code: Editing Our Destiny 

Daniel Seara, Bryan Leland, Camila Robles

Trust Your Gut: How Helpful Bacteria Impact Health

Camille Konopricki, Abigail Jarret, Erica Holdridge


Ebola Explosion: Barriers, Blood, and Bad Press

Kylia Goodner, Zuri Sullivan, Caroline Leiffers

The Science of the Aging Brain

Marc Coutanche, Helen Beilinson, Adeolu Morawo

When Fantasy Becomes Reality: Invisibility, Immortality, and Mammoth Monsters

Ratkim Sarma, Lauren Wigen, Matt Davis

Conquering Cancer: Medicine of the Future 

Ross Federman, Ethan Rundell, Alex Engler


Your Personal Zoo: Microbial Diversity and Our Health

Nick Apostolopoulos, Karen Dannemiller, Pamela Chan

Lizards Can Regrow Limbs - Why Can’t We? The Promise of Tissue Regeneration 

Lola Borwn, Maggie Sledd, Jeremiah Johnston 

Life Finds a Way: Origins on Earth, in Space, and in the Womb

Andy Chen, Erin Heim, Sandy Hernandez

OMG GMOs! Food for Thought 

Michael Grome, Holly Lauridsen, Robert Buchkowski

Entangled Information: How the Quantum World Can Shape Our Future

Claudia De Grandi, Corey Adams, Julia Salevan


Fracking: Energy Angel or Environmental Demon?

Vanessa Lamers, Ning Dai, Nate Smith

Hunt for the Invisible: Our Quest for Dark Matter and the Higgs Boson

Emma Ideal, Ross Boltyanskiy, Corey Adams

The Secret Lives of Drugs and Vaccines

Michael Parker, Yagmur Muftuoglu, Kirk Manson

Actions Speak Louder than Genes: How Your Behavior Can Change Your DNA

Dylan Duchen, Lauren Blair, Chad Sanada

Mind Reading: Can We Do It? Should We?

Ben van Buren, Becky van den Honert, Emily Finn


Branding Brontosaurus and Labeling Lucy: How to Name Prehistoric Animals

Daniel Field, Matt Davis, Tim Webster

Addiction in 2012: What Facebook, Xbox & Extreme Sports Do to Our Brains

Kenneth Buck, Lu Jin, Dipon Ghosh

Disease Detectives: Stopping Outbreaks Before They Stop You

Lindsey Stavola, Tiffany Tsang, Jonathan Holt

From Roomba to Wall-E: The Science & Fiction of Artificial Intelligence

Emmett SprecherThaiBinh LuongChristopher Bolen

Are We Really Related to Earthworms? Evolution Questions and Controversies

Patrick McMillenSloan Warren, Ashley Bear

Polluted By Politics: What is the Real Science Behind Climate Change?

Kaveh PahlevanHolly LauridsenKevin McLean