Grad Tax Resources

Welcome to the Yale Science Diplomats #GradStudentTax resources page.

General information about the bills going into reconciliation can be found here. To calculate how the House tax bill might affect you, see this calculator (or this one for international students). 


Tuition tax (Repeal of Section 117(d))

Student Loan Interest Deduction 

(coming soon!)



Yale students: email Sarah if you’re interested in writing - she can connect you with resources!

Grad students around the country are writing their hometown papers to share how the tax bill will hurt higher education! For help writing op-eds see the Op Ed Project’s excellent resources page. When you publish, let us know and we’ll tweet it out! Help us keep track of op-eds that are published/submitted/in progress here!


Tell us what graduate education means to you. Join the #GradTaxRally photo campaign!

Use these statistics to tell your Senator how many graduate students in their state will be affected by the tuition tax. 

Use this autodialer to connect with voters in swing states and tell them about how the tax plan harms higher education and connect them to their congresspeople.

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